Cambridge Science Festival

Mesmerized by the Borealis installation. As part of the Cambridge Science Festival last weekend, Dan Acher recreated the Northern Lights right above the MIT Open Space on Kendall Square. Dan … Continue reading Cambridge Science Festival

Jelly is Sticky, Collision is Tricky

Now that Simon has his desktop spot again, he seems to be back in his element, devoting many hours a day to a project, then getting a new idea, starting … Continue reading Jelly is Sticky, Collision is Tricky

Neva’s Elemental Language

I have known for a while that Neva thinks in colors. Every time she stuns me by reciting a paragraph from a book we read months ago or a TV … Continue reading Neva’s Elemental Language

How to Play (with) Music

Simon is continuing to explore the world of music outside formal piano lessons (which he currently doesn’t attend due to Covid disruptions). He has learned polyrhythms on Adam Neely’s channel … Continue reading How to Play (with) Music

Simon’s Fibonacci Music Pesano Periods

Simon writes: I have composed a piece of music based on the Fibonacci sequence, using modular arithmetic (I assigned numbers from 0-6, the remainders after ÷ by 7, to notes … Continue reading Simon’s Fibonacci Music Pesano Periods