It’s time to face the truth: There is no book

Two diplomas lie in front of me, both issued in Simon’s name last week. The first diploma is in Dutch, called Getuigschrift van basisonderwijs (Elementary Education Certificate) from the Flemish … Continue reading It’s time to face the truth: There is no book

Making a Game in 45 Minutes. Code Along!

Simon has challenged himself to make a game in 1 hour. That worked. Then he made another game in just 45 minutes. He recorded this latest challenge so you can … Continue reading Making a Game in 45 Minutes. Code Along!


Simon has made it into the #MegaFavNumbers playlist, organized by Cambridge’s James Grime for mathematicians on YouTube. Nearly 250 mathematicians (including StandUpMaths and 3Blue1Brown) have pitched in with videos about … Continue reading #MegaFavNumbers

Ray Marching

Simon has set his first steps towards creating a 3D renderer. What’s a 3D renderer? 3D rendering is a process of converting 3D models into 2D images on a computer. … Continue reading Ray Marching

Simon’s Halting Problem Gist

You can easily turn every statement into a program. If the program stops, or “halts”, then the statement is true, and if it never stops, or “loops”, the statement is … Continue reading Simon’s Halting Problem Gist

Our New Craze: Euclidea

Simon is obsessed with Euclidea — a learning environment for geometric constructions and proofs. He has also downloaded the Euclidea app (which has more features), so that he could continue engaging … Continue reading Our New Craze: Euclidea

Question Bot

Simon has built a question bot that will collect questions on The Coding Train Discord so that Daniel Shiffman can answer them during the following live session. This is something … Continue reading Question Bot

Doughnut Education

Pondering over the future, I told the kids the universal basic income and Doughnut Economics should be the next step. Simon game me an improvised lecture on doughnut topology. Well, … Continue reading Doughnut Education

Simon’s Corona Epidemic Simulation Code Along Project

At the beginning of April, Simon started working on his COVID-19 epidemic simulation project, implementing a number of scenarios (like various degrees of hygiene, quarantine, social distancing), explaining his code … Continue reading Simon’s Corona Epidemic Simulation Code Along Project

Corona Math

On March 17, Simon started a series of math and coding projects about COVID-19. The first projects he called Corona Math: Why Social Isolation?  This is part I of my … Continue reading Corona Math