Jelly is Sticky, Collision is Tricky

Now that Simon has his desktop spot again, he seems to be back in his element, devoting many hours a day to a project, then getting a new idea, starting … Continue reading Jelly is Sticky, Collision is Tricky

Trig is About Circles

Simon’s really proud of himself for being helpful during The Coding Train’s tutorial recording sessions. He hopes to have converted Dan Shiffman to approach trigonometry as something about circles, not … Continue reading Trig is About Circles

New Collab

Simon’s got a new collab going and possibly what is a beginning of a real friendship with a peer from Bangalore, India. They have already finished several wonderful projects together … Continue reading New Collab

Merry Xmas! Simon’s Xmas Card.

You can turn the card around by using the mouse if you open it in p5.js: Simon made this card during Daniel Shiffman’s Processing Telethon last night, joining other programmers … Continue reading Merry Xmas! Simon’s Xmas Card.

Question Bot

Simon has built a question bot that will collect questions on The Coding Train Discord so that Daniel Shiffman can answer them during the following live session. This is something … Continue reading Question Bot