Simon’s Pi Composition

Simon has finished working on his Pi Composition, a piece of music entirely based on Pi (in the treble clef). Simon used only the digits of Pi he knew from memory (the first 19 digits), assigning each digit to a specific frequency on the grand piano (the 4th octave and three notes in the 5th octave). The accompanying tune for the left hand (bass clef) is not based on Pi and is purely added for the purpose of harmony (with the help of Simon’s piano tutor.

Simon’s Pi Composition (written doen with the help of Simon’s piano tutor)
Simon’s system of which notes correspond to which digits

Simon has already made two other music videos about number sequences: one about the Recaman Sequence and one about the Fibonacci sequence. The Pi Composition, however, is the first time he has tried turning a sequence into an artistic peace, with rhythm and harmony.

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