Happy 2023 Cubed!

Simon has kicked the year off with a 3×3 pb on New Year’s Eve and three new cubing competitions, in Cambridge and Lexington, MA and in Bristol, Connecticut. The Cambridge … Continue reading Happy 2023 Cubed!

The Trolley Problem

It hasn’t been an easy month for Simon. On top of having to live with the cast on his arm, which he has been handling stoically, he has also had … Continue reading The Trolley Problem

Pretzel Mania 2022 🥨

We had so much fun at Simon’s first official cubing competition in Pennsylvania over the weekend! It was a treat in itself to finally attend an event where children are … Continue reading Pretzel Mania 2022 🥨

Speed, Looks and Seasonal Baking Update

We went to Simon and Neva’s native Amsterdam this week where Simon had an appointment to donate his hair to cancer patients. Sub 22! You know, J perm is truly … Continue reading Speed, Looks and Seasonal Baking Update

How to Play (with) Music

Simon is continuing to explore the world of music outside formal piano lessons (which he currently doesn’t attend due to Covid disruptions). He has learned polyrhythms on Adam Neely’s channel … Continue reading How to Play (with) Music

Go Girl!

Our living room has this air of an open source digital studio, sizzling with contagious creativity. I have always encouraged the kids to do their stuff in a shared space … Continue reading Go Girl!

What is a fidget spinner’s actual speed, in km/h?

How fast can a fidget spinner spin? Is it not that fast or can you literally use it as a car wheel? Inspired by Matt Parker, who listened to the … Continue reading What is a fidget spinner’s actual speed, in km/h?

Chaos with Legos and Shapes

It’s not that easy to make a chaos model. A system where a slight tweak in the initial conditions creates major change down the road and even makes it impossible … Continue reading Chaos with Legos and Shapes

Simon’s Magnum Opus

At the beginning of each year, I make a very long, ridiculous video (which I like to call a “magnum opus”). Last year it was the 2048 cookies project. This … Continue reading Simon’s Magnum Opus

The Grand Quadratic Formula Quiz!

Simon has been pondering a lot about various ways to visualize or prove the quadratic formula. He eventually came up with a 4-meter-long quiz sheet, slowly revealing the logic behind … Continue reading The Grand Quadratic Formula Quiz!