Yellowle (version of Wordle)

Simon has created a really mind-boggling version of Wordle: Yellowle. If you’re brave and don’t mind a headache, you can try Simon’s Yellowle here:

The idea came from a version he found online called Fusele and developed from there.

Here are the rules (written by Simon):

// Like Wordle, but the clues are different
// Green works the same as in normal Wordle (right letter in the right spot)
// Yellow randomly means one of these four things (in this version it’s consistent per column):
// – Same as normal Wordle (right letter but in the wrong spot)
// – Like normal Wordle, but as if the guess was the answer and the answer was the guess
// – The letter is within three of the guess in the alphabet
// – There are no yellows at all, if something isn’t green it’s gray (or I guess black)
// You can use the final row of squares to take notes on what you suspect the coloring of each column is
// The goal is to figure out BOTH the word AND the coloring of each column
// Press “Confirm” to check if your guess for what the coloring is is right, but be careful because you only have one shot

Simon explaining the “as if the guess was the answer and the answer was the guess” case scenario to me, because I’m thick. I literally feel my brain tickled on the inside as I try to embrace this:

This version seems to be more challenging in terms of language, even though obviously based on the same data set as the original Wordle. We hope you enjoy it, let us know in the comments!

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