Neva’s Elemental Language

I have known for a while that Neva thinks in colors. Every time she stuns me by reciting a paragraph from a book we read months ago or a TV … Continue reading Neva’s Elemental Language

Rubik’s Cube Simulator and More

Cubing craze has reached a whole new level as Simon’s speed cube shop order is stuck at the customs in Brussels and his last old speed cube is broken. What … Continue reading Rubik’s Cube Simulator and More

Snacks! 🍿 is a website to make small fun apps (called “snacks”) with React Native. What is React Native, you may ask. It’s something Simon and Neva have been crazy about … Continue reading Snacks! 🍿

Neva’s first coding tut

Neva has recorded her first video explaining how she coded a project, a mini-tutorial. It’s an example of a visualization using classes and arrays in JS. You can also access … Continue reading Neva’s first coding tut

What Geeks Do for Easter Egg Hunt 🥚

Simon has been hiding so-called “easter eggs” on his Discord server, i.e. hidden surprises that can be anything ranging from a character code to a math puzzle, for his friends … Continue reading What Geeks Do for Easter Egg Hunt 🥚