The First 3×3 Blindfolded Single

I’m so happy I captured this priceless moment. Simon’s first official success in 3×3 Blindfolded at Cubing in Cambridge 2023:

A more complete video:

Now Simon has added a 3×3 Blindfolded single to his official results:

Simon says he would love to eventually become one of those people who have official singles and averages in all WCA events. Currently, there are only about a 100 people who do, even though WCA has approximately 180,000 members. the stumbling block is getting a 5×5 Blindfolded average. Simon has already taught himself the 4×4 Blindfolded method, but hasn’t had a successful attempt yet.

Since the epic moment captured above, we have been to one more competition, on Cape Cod. It’s funny how cubing competitions have become our way to explore Massachusetts and even some other states on the East Coast.

While in Cape Cod, we visited Sandwich, the oldest town on the peninsula and a beautifully preserved historical site. It used to be famous for its glass manufactured here in the 1800s, including the radioactive glass with added uranium that still sets off Geiger counters and glows in ultraviolet light. We visited a glass blowing presentation at the local Glass Museum. The nature is breathtaking as well. We only stopped by for a very brief visit but have already been able to spot a seal 🦭 from the local beach. It’s one of those places where the ocean can be experienced in its full glory, rough and untamed, and shouldn’t be taken lightly due to the abundance of great white sharks (Simon hates beaches and stayed in the car).

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