Music in Sky

Neva gave up traditional piano lessons a while ago, but has been experimenting with electronic music for over a year now. Over the past several months she has really enjoyed playing increasingly challenging little pieces in the Sky The Children of Light game environment. In Sky, you can both practice famous musical pieces on your own and use your in-game currency to purchase musical sheets for guided practice. Sky has its own system of musical notation that varies depending on which instrument you’re trying to simulate.

Neva playing a “Rickroll”
Neva’s avatar (what is visible to other players while she practices)
Neva loves holding a note on the electric guitar.
We really like this screen recording, the way it conveys the intimacy of friendship and the beauty of the moment in the Sky environment.
This piece is the main music theme in Sky. In this screen rec, Neva is using a xylophone.
Neva playing the Sky theme on an electric guitar
And this is an ocarina, a traditional Italian wind instrument.
Neva doesn’t have it in her personal collection yet, but can practice using it at the music library.
Neva practicing a new piece
We sometimes joke it’s dangerous to go outside because you might get rickrolled!

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