Advent of Code

Simon’s way to celebrate the holiday season is by taking part in the Advent of Code, a month-long marathon of daily problem solving challenges organized by software engineer Eric Wastl. … Continue reading Advent of Code


In November and early December, Simon spent quite a few hours working on a clone of the new puzzle game 14 Minesweeper Variants. The puzzle generation algorithm he had to … Continue reading Minesweeper

The New MIT Museum

Some impressions from the new MIT museum. We had actually hoped to do the high-speed, multiple exposure imaging of water droplets and balloon popping to investigate fluid dynamics — something … Continue reading The New MIT Museum

Jelly is Sticky, Collision is Tricky

Now that Simon has his desktop spot again, he seems to be back in his element, devoting many hours a day to a project, then getting a new idea, starting … Continue reading Jelly is Sticky, Collision is Tricky

Yet Unnamed Cell Machine Mod

Simon has been working on a rather large project creating a web version of Cell Machine: Mystic Mod. It’s a puzzle game where you win a level by predicting what … Continue reading Yet Unnamed Cell Machine Mod

Just Playing

Over the past several months Simon has spent many hours per day 100%-ing Baba Is You and studying Baba Is You related content. He also just enjoyed creating his own … Continue reading Just Playing

“I have made a game in a game!”

Simon has succeeded in making a playable game using another game as a programming language. He created a clone of Fight using Baba Is You, currently one of his favorite … Continue reading “I have made a game in a game!”

The Game

I’m too excited to sleep. I’m excited about the game. I’m excited about our future games. I’m excited about the games we will play. And I’m excited about the milkshake … Continue reading The Game