An Improved Piano Practice Code

Simon has come up with another Python script to keep track of his piano practice.

I’m gonna run this Python script every day. It’s going to calculate how long I’m going to need to practice that day. It’s then going to save that information to a file so it doesn’t forget the next day. Finally, it shows the info to me, so that I know how long to practice. The file is also super-easy t manage myself, it’s a .csv file, so it can be edited, for example, in a spreadsheet. So that way, if I want to acquire a new habit, I just add a new line to that file for the code to keep track of it! 🙂

“Also, I’m not crazy, I will eventually do more than 5min a day of piano practice, I’m just taking little baby steps towards it. I’m increasing by 2% every day.” – Simon

Two days later, Simon also created a little stopwatch in HTML that counts in hundredths of a minute rather than in seconds. Very nifty to calculate percentages! Feel free to use it here.

The reason I made this is so that I don’t have to make a rough estimate of what 5.74 minutes is and it would just show it to me.

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