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This is a blog about Simon, a young mathematical mind into coding and cubing, and his little sister Neva

We write this blog together, share their projects and thoughts on their journey towards self-dicovery. They’re growing up in a supportive non-coercive learning environment. We deeply believe in interest-based, self-paced … Continue reading This is a blog about Simon, a young mathematical mind into coding and cubing, and his little sister Neva

Yellowle (version of Wordle)

Simon has created a really mind-boggling version of Wordle: Yellowle. If you’re brave and don’t mind a headache, you can try Simon’s Yellowle here: The idea came from a … Continue reading Yellowle (version of Wordle)

Three Cubing Competitions Further

Simonโ€™s first official success in solving a 3×3 cube blindfolded happened during a multiblind attempt lol. By the way, the person judging Simon in the above video is Rowe Hessler, … Continue reading Three Cubing Competitions Further

Platformer Template

Simon has built what he calls a platformer template, a foundational platformer game that he can later use as a basis for more hifi game ideas. Below is a short … Continue reading Platformer Template

Happy 2023 Cubed!

Simon has kicked the year off with a 3×3 pb on New Year’s Eve and three new cubing competitions, in Cambridge and Lexington, MA and in Bristol, Connecticut. The Cambridge … Continue reading Happy 2023 Cubed!

Advent of Code

Simon’s way to celebrate the holiday season is by taking part in the Advent of Code, a month-long marathon of daily problem solving challenges organized by software engineer Eric Wastl. … Continue reading Advent of Code


In November and early December, Simon spent quite a few hours working on a clone of the new puzzle game 14 Minesweeper Variants. The puzzle generation algorithm he had to … Continue reading Minesweeper

Unexpected Value

The expected value is not necessarily the value you should expect, Simon has proven to me today. It started from a morbid story about a dangerous attraction in Kyoto. We … Continue reading Unexpected Value

The New MIT Museum

Some impressions from the new MIT museum. We had actually hoped to do the high-speed, multiple exposure imaging of water droplets and balloon popping to investigate fluid dynamics — something … Continue reading The New MIT Museum