More bots

Simon and his wonderful friend Abhay built a text to speech bot, who now joins their almost daily meetups: Earlier in March, Simon and Abhay also built a different bot … Continue reading More bots

Discord Bot to Play Word Scramble

This was a beast of a project but Simon didn’t cave in. The video below features the two of us trying to unscramble the bot’s scrambles and also the painful … Continue reading Discord Bot to Play Word Scramble


One of our favorite games to play together is Telestrations, a version of the telephone game where players illustrate a word and pass it on for the next player to … Continue reading Telestrations

Simon’s Game Bot

Also in October, Simon built a game bot that can play math games with him. At the moment, the bot only plays the higher-lower game, but will learn to play … Continue reading Simon’s Game Bot

Tchisla Clone

Simon is working on a clone of Tchisla, an absorbing number puzzle app from the (Russian!!) creators of Euclidea. The aim is to represent numbers as arithmetical expressions using only … Continue reading Tchisla Clone

Question Bot

Simon has built a question bot that will collect questions on The Coding Train Discord so that Daniel Shiffman can answer them during the following live session. This is something … Continue reading Question Bot

Simon’s Spellcheck API

Simon has continued with server side programming and made a spellcheck API! Here is the link, you can play with it yourself by adding new words to the corpus (dictionary): … Continue reading Simon’s Spellcheck API

Text Generating Machine that Posts to Twitter

A milestone in server side programming here, as Simon has built a text generating machine that posts to Simon’s Twitter account! Essentially, it’s website where anyone can enter his own … Continue reading Text Generating Machine that Posts to Twitter