Discord Bot to Play Word Scramble

This was a beast of a project but Simon didn’t cave in. The video below features the two of us trying to unscramble the bot’s scrambles and also the painful labour of bringing bots to this world that Simon underwent in the evenings leading to his new little triumph. In this case, it wasn’t about making a new bot, but about adding a new game to its arsenal. Simon used 1000 most common English words for the game (just google “word list”). All of Simon’s code is open on GitHub:

One of the games you can play on my Game Bot is “Word Puzzle”, where you get a series of letters and you need to make a word out of them. Code (open-sourced under MIT license): https://github.com/simon-tiger/GameBot The Client ID, so that you can add it to a Discord server is 770249372280946698

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