On Machine Learning and Self-Directed Learning

In mid-September, Simon spent a couple days learning how to build a Feed Forward Neural Network, together with a friend. It all started after the friend shared a cool business … Continue reading On Machine Learning and Self-Directed Learning

Yet unnamed tetris game/map editor hybrid thing

Simon here again. Lately, I’ve started taking tetris a lot more seriously. Back in May, I just randomly thought “remember tetr.io? I feel like I should have another try at … Continue reading Yet unnamed tetris game/map editor hybrid thing

“I have made a game in a game!”

Simon has succeeded in making a playable game using another game as a programming language. He created a clone of Fight using Baba Is You, currently one of his favorite … Continue reading “I have made a game in a game!”

The Game

I’m too excited to sleep. I’m excited about the game. I’m excited about our future games. I’m excited about the games we will play. And I’m excited about the milkshake … Continue reading The Game


Simon’s new craze is esolangs (esoteric programming languages), programming languages designed to be “weird”. For example, there are esolangs designed to be minimalistic (like brainf*** (yes, that is an actual … Continue reading Esolangs

More bots

Simon and his wonderful friend Abhay built a text to speech bot, who now joins their almost daily meetups: Earlier in March, Simon and Abhay also built a different bot … Continue reading More bots

Simon’s Game Bot

Also in October, Simon built a game bot that can play math games with him. At the moment, the bot only plays the higher-lower game, but will learn to play … Continue reading Simon’s Game Bot

Tic-Tac-Tic-Tac-Toe-Toe in p5.js

Simon has programmed this game of Tic-Tac-Tic-Tac-Toe-Toe Game in p5.js from scratch. He and his sister have had hours of fun playing it (and she turned out to be better … Continue reading Tic-Tac-Tic-Tac-Toe-Toe in p5.js