Tchisla Clone

Simon is working on a clone of Tchisla, an absorbing number puzzle app from the (Russian!!) creators of Euclidea. The aim is to represent numbers as arithmetical expressions using only one of the digits from 1 to 9 and the shortest way possible. (For example 96 = 99 – √9 or 96 = 4 * 4! or 96 = 2 * 2 * (22 + 2) are all valid representations of 96).

It’s true what the makers say: “You suddenly discover that you know a lot of numbers and their properties: factorials, squares, cubes, prime numbers, roots and others. Tchisla imperceptibly helps you to improve your calculating skills.”

Simon doesn’t like the fact that you can currently only find Tchisla as an app while he wants to screenshare with his friends in a browser, so he has decided to develop his own version. So far he has completed these steps in Glitch:

The next step is to actually enable joining the lobby!

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