Some more bots

In July, Simon truly dove into server side programming, creating several more bots we’ve forgotten to blog about. He is now managing a whole bot playground on Discord where his peers can test their bots, too. Simon created command handling code, so that all his new bots would have the same main file. All the commands are organized in a folder. Each command is a separate file and it’s easy to add a new command.

Below are a couple of screenshots of Simon’s summer bots. The first screenshot is of a Twitch bot he made:

The second screenshot is of Formulamatic, a bot that can perform calculations if you type “!calculate”. It can calculate factorials, trig functions, roots, powers, logs and play pong:

Later, Simon also added a system to dynamically update the help command.

Previously, I had to laboriously update the help command each time I had a new command. Now if I have made changes to the command I can reload it so that the changes are accepted.

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