Trig is About Circles

Simon’s really proud of himself for being helpful during The Coding Train’s tutorial recording sessions. He hopes to have converted Dan Shiffman to approach trigonometry as something about circles, not triangles as they teach at schools. And he really loves the fact that Dan has adopted his idea to record the tutorials in split-screen 4K, maybe less of a mathy contribution but definitely a lasting one! The evening he came up with idea, Simon literally said “I don’t want to watch another episode of The Big Bang Theory, I’m too busy being proud of myself [for helping Dan]” 😝

a simple sine wave visualization Simon quickly came up with, see the code at
the triangles vs. the circles approach to trig
Simon’s diagram to be used for trig explanations on The Coding Train
Daniel Shiffman’s tweet mentioning Simon’s idea

And here comes an update with two later posts from mid-Feb, featuring an excerpt of a Discord conversation where Simon was helping dan with pendulums:

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