Yet unnamed tetris game/map editor hybrid thing

Simon here again. Lately, I’ve started taking tetris a lot more seriously.

Back in May, I just randomly thought “remember I feel like I should have another try at that and see how much worse I got”. So that’s what I did. Then I became obsessed with it. I did lots of 40 lines, used the custom game feature to do unlimited runs, and one day I even did a versus game with my then-friend-now-maybe-enemy-but-not-really-its-complicated Abhay. It was fun. Then the obsession started leaking into the YouTube algorithm. I watched some tutorials and other stuff, and eventually I became competent enough to try to do’s ranked game mode, Tetra League. I eventually became B- rank (which is not good at all in the grand scheme of things but extremely good in comparison to how good I was before).

I also made a thing in p5. I tried making a tetris clone in p5 like three times now, but this is the one I’m the most proud of. Unlike the other ones, which I just made for fun, this one I’ve made with an actual purpose: I wanted it to be a tetris game/map editor hybrid. I wanted to be able to just draw setups on the map and experiment with them, kind of like four-tris (todo: put link) but with more features. I also wanted to be able to export the map in the format in which’s custom maps are loaded into the game. Currently that last feature and a lot of other map-editing features are not implemented yet, but mom forced me to write a post on it now because she thought I would lose interest soon ( 😦 ).

Keyboard controls because GUI is not implemented yet:
– Normal tetris controls apply (left/right arrow keys to move left/right, down arrow to soft-drop, space to hard-drop, up arrow to rotate clockwise, Z to rotate counterclockwise, C to hold and A is supposed to do 180 rotations but that’s not implemented yet either; in fact I’m starting to regret writing this post due to the large number of unimplemented things)
– Number keys 1-7 to change the current color to one of the piece colors
– 0 to change the current color to gray
– 8 to gray out the entire board
– Click (& drag) on the board to place squares
– Click (& drag) on the queue to change the queue pieces (this doesn’t work for the hold piece because – say it with me – it’s not implemented yet)

the tetris game/ map editor in action

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