In the Middle of our Street

A couple of months ago, Neva pointed to a narrow slit in the facade of the building across the street and said she observed birds go in and out. They … Continue reading In the Middle of our Street

Simon continues to explore ways to simulate evolution

Simon’s code: Simon made this by reverse-engineering Primer’s project as shown in his video Simulating Natural Selection.

Conway’s Game of Life

Simon’s version of John Conway’s famous Game of Life, a cellular automaton zero-player game whose evolution follows certain simple rules and mainly depends on its initial conditions. Cellular automata-like models … Continue reading Conway’s Game of Life

World Cleanup Day 2020

10 times the volume of an olympic swimming pool of plastic waste ends up in the world ocean every hour. E v e r y h o u r. Today … Continue reading World Cleanup Day 2020

Autonomous Google Bee Game

Inspired by the Google Bee Game published on Earth Day 2020, Simon created his own autonomous bee game, “a combination of a cellular automaton and a Turing machine”. Simon’s code: … Continue reading Autonomous Google Bee Game

What do we know: COVID-19 and Protein Folding

On April 9, Simon finished his World Science Scholars course “From Chemistry to Living materials” and had his final live session with MIT’s Professor Markus Buehler who works on COVID-19. … Continue reading What do we know: COVID-19 and Protein Folding

Simon’s Corona Epidemic Simulation Code Along Project

At the beginning of April, Simon started working on his COVID-19 epidemic simulation project, implementing a number of scenarios (like various degrees of hygiene, quarantine, social distancing), explaining his code … Continue reading Simon’s Corona Epidemic Simulation Code Along Project

Corona Math

On March 17, Simon started a series of math and coding projects about COVID-19. The first projects he called Corona Math: Why Social Isolation?  This is part I of my … Continue reading Corona Math

Evolving Creatures in p5.js

Simon’s latest independent coding project involved some biology lessons! He loves the channel Primer by Justin Helps and watched his evolution series many times, studying the rules for species’ survival … Continue reading Evolving Creatures in p5.js