Free to Swim

Our summer vacation in Southern France is over but our daily life continues to radiate freedom to learn and explore at our own pace. Swimming was one of those things … Continue reading Free to Swim

How many water molecules are there?

Simon and Neva don’t like going to the beach, which breaks my heart. But on the rare occasions I do manage to talk everyone into a family trip to the … Continue reading How many water molecules are there?

World Cleanup Day 2020

10 times the volume of an olympic swimming pool of plastic waste ends up in the world ocean every hour. E v e r y h o u r. Today … Continue reading World Cleanup Day 2020

Why does everyone get tides wrong!?

We were having a beautiful evening back home in Antwerp, at the harbor. At one point Simon started jotting some calculations on the reverse side of the menu sheet (he … Continue reading Why does everyone get tides wrong!?

Math at the beach

We also visited another old favorite, the beach in Noordwijk. By the way, that’s where ESA is located, toon (they’ve got an awesome space museum we used to frequent when … Continue reading Math at the beach