Het Zwin

This weekend we went on a bird expedition to a nature park at the Belgian coast. Many birds come there for the winter, other bird species will come back in Spring. Their bird population changes every couple of months. It’s a beautiful place to pause and contemplate what an intricate self-organized system of migration birds have built all around the world, this park being a small hub in that global network.

The park is equipped with lookout posts with telescopes and several playgrounds that blend in nicely with the landscape and are bird-themed (like one climbing tower resembling a stork nest):

There’re also a few science stations along the way featuring bird sounds or, like on the pictures below, a microscope with treasures from the park in petri dishes:

Simon with the microscope
a flower in a petri dish
a beetle back, zoomed in
this one was Simon’s favorite: a feather
And these are the green treasures we’ve found in the park: a couple pine branches lying on the ground). I’m thinking of making a pine salve with these (with olive oil and beeswax).

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