How many water molecules are there?

Simon and Neva don’t like going to the beach, which breaks my heart. But on the rare occasions I do manage to talk everyone into a family trip to the sea, fun discoveries occur. 🌊 “Mom, how many water molecules are there in the world ocean?” was Simon’s question this time. He came up with a set of steps to compute the answer while playing in the waves and then quickly jotted those steps on paper after he dried off. Technically, the answer he arrived at (4.4 x 10⁴⁶) was the number of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, not molecules. “So I could have divided by three to get the number of molecules”.

I don’t know if I’m off by orders of magnitude or if I’m right on. Because the answers I later found on the internet are so widespread that I don’t know which one is right anymore.

this has nothing to do with the water molecules, it’s just Simon showing off his new cubing backpack (because “cubing is my life”)

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