Simon Shares his Derivatives Tricks: Visualizing Calculus

It never seizes to mesmerize me how Simon sees math. So many times has he solved math problems or proved theorems relying on visual, geometric illustrations instead of bluntly applying … Continue reading Simon Shares his Derivatives Tricks: Visualizing Calculus

Impressions on Newton’s mechanics.

“Are you impressed?” – Simon asks, laughingly, and I can see it must be a pun. We are in bed, reading up on Newton’s laws of motion that talk of … Continue reading Impressions on Newton’s mechanics.

Geometric Definition of e

The idea comes from a video by Mathologer. Simon sketches a geometric definition of the Euler’s number (e) using integrals. He messed up a little with the integral notation, but … Continue reading Geometric Definition of e

Treading into Calculus

Simon seems to be setting first gentle steps in Calculus, once again thanks to Daniel Shiffman. In the videos below, Simon talks about minimizing and maximizing functions, the power rule, … Continue reading Treading into Calculus