Treading into Calculus

Simon seems to be setting first gentle steps in Calculus, once again thanks to Daniel Shiffman.


In the videos below, Simon talks about minimizing and maximizing functions, the power rule, the chain rule and partial derivatives. Simon’s videos are his resumes of Daniel Shiffman’s Calculus Intelligence and Learning course tutorial 3.5 and a few other related tutorials. “Intelligence and Learning” course is a Spring 2017 course that Daniel Shiffman taught at the ITP, the Interactive Telecommunications Program, a graduate programme at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.





On Saturday morning Simon also chose to do Calculus with his math teacher (via Khan Academy), instead of Algebra and polynomial expressions that they were actually doing for the past weeks.




Daniel Shiffman’s videos on Calculus:
Power Rule:
Chain Rule:
Partial Derivative:

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