The Grand Quadratic Formula Quiz!

Simon has been pondering a lot about various ways to visualize or prove the quadratic formula.

He eventually came up with a 4-meter-long quiz sheet, slowly revealing the logic behind the quadratic formula as one solves the 9 problems one by one. Simon borrowed the actual problems from but reworded some of them to match his personal style, writing all of them down in his beautiful handwriting on large sheets of paper taped together to form a road to the quadratic formula. The answers were hidden under crafty paper flaps. We had a lot of fun traveling down this rabbit hole as a family, Neva stuck around solving the tasks until half-way through.

It took Simon two days to make the quiz
He covered the questions with extra sheets of paper and removed them as we solved the problems one by one.
The first two questions solved.
Neva solving an equation
Almost there!

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