Simon has created an “immortal” organism?

Simon opened up a genetic algorithm game he built about two years ago and made a fascinating discovery: one of the organisms seems to have become immortal! Simon has called … Continue reading Simon has created an “immortal” organism?


Simon is seriously enjoying his new Molymod chemistry modeling sets and has been obsessing about which set contains what atoms and bonds. Alcohol (Ethanol): Hurray! We have just built 7,333333333333 … Continue reading Molecules

Evolutionary Steering Behaviors Game

Note: See the update at the bottom of this post! We’ve had quite a dramatic situation here for the past couple of days, after Simon turned Daniel Shiffman’s Evolutionary Steering … Continue reading Evolutionary Steering Behaviors Game

Autonomous Agents and Genetic Algorithms

Today Simon spent hours watching videos and reading Daniel Shiffman’s book The Nature of Code, concentrating on more complicated matters than ever: autonomous agents and evolution (genetic algorithms). In The … Continue reading Autonomous Agents and Genetic Algorithms