The kids made their first app: Colorful Calculator

They worked on this together for a week and voila, here is their first real app, a calculator with beautiful color design, which they called “Colorful Calculator”. They also came up with the whole video setup on their own, testing and adjusting it for hours.

I teamed up with Abhay to make a calculator app! This is my first-ever calculator app, my first-ever real parser, and the first time we actually wrote about equal parts of the code! Abhay wrote the actual app, and I wrote the parser (which is basically how it calculates things). The app:

Run on mobile: download the “Expo Go” app, open the link on a computer and scan the QR code that appears

Run on the web: open the link and switch to the “Web” tab

a shot from the video showing Abhay running their app on his mobile
the Colorful Calculator on an iPhone
recording the video
Simon notes while writing the parsing algorithm
the same expression as in the notes above, Simon recreated it in Adobe Illustrator to use in the video
about a week ago, working on the calculator

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