Square-1 Simulation and New Cubes

Simon was so desperate to get his new set of speed cubes that he made another cube simulation in JavaScript, this time the funny cube called Square-1 that can shape-shift. We recorded a video about this new coding project two days ago and were just getting ready to edit it when the real cubes from the SpeedCubeShop arrived this morning! So were able to include some footage of the physical Square-1 in the video below:

Simon’s simulation: https://preview.p5js.org/simontiger/present/1KyA6yEGo
Simon’s code: https://editor.p5js.org/simontiger/sketches/1KyA6yEGo

Here’s what the actual Square-1 looks like:

The other cubes that have arrived in the second batch include Simon’s most desired one, the GAN Megaminx, which Simon immediately solved the same morning:

Simon has also received the clock, a new miniature mat and timer, a 7×7 and a Scube:

This weekend we had Simon’s best irl friend visiting from Amsterdam. I’m afraid he caught the cubing bug from Simon 🤪 Below are a couple shots of them speed solving the Pyraminx in scenic places:

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