Easter Eggs Optimization Problem

We’ve calculated the perfect (optimized) combination of biological corn snack (dinos) vs. premium Belgian chocolate eggs. Simon takes it from here:

Here’re the assumptions that we used:

  • Both one bag of dinos and one chocolate egg cost 1 euro each
  • You have a budget of 50 euros
  • Your happiness score (I know, ridiculous) is 10 * ln(dino bags) + 6 * ln(eggs)
  • You want to maximize your happiness while staying in your budget (obviously)

the reason we chose natural logs is because it’s a function that doesn’t grow fast (it does in the beginning and then it tapers off). I did this so that every new dino bag / egg is worth slightly less than the last (in terms of happiness), which we thought is a realistic scenario.

The result was 🥁🥁🥁…31 or 32 dino bags with 18 or 19 chocolate eggs.

Simon’s 3D graph with chocolate eggs along one axis, dinos along another one and happiness on the third axis
Neva at a traditional Belgian chocolate store

Happy Easter everyone!

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