Latest Collabs: Rainbows, Wormholes and Fireballs

Simon continues his regular and very rewarding collabs with his friend Abhay Kashyap. Here’s what they have been up to lately:

We recreated another Flash game, Gravitee. The hardest part were the wormholes, applying the dot product.

Another rabbit-hole collab: Rainbow Game. Code: Demo version:

Fireballs: We made a particle system, where each particle in contains its own particle system. Each mini-particle system is a fireball.

Interactive demo where you can also change colors and make new fireballs by clicking on the screen:

a WEBGL version:

Abhay and Simon also recorded a code-along tutorial together:

In this video, I collab with my friend Abhay Kashyap to do whatever comes to mind. We end up with what I called “circle soup”. Link: The template I started with was from I also use dat.gui:

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