Lego Power Experiments

Thanks to the amazing Brick Experiment Channel, Simon has been hooked on experimenting with Lego gears to create a number of crazy aggregates, like a paper ribbler:

The biggest project so far involved trying to lift as much weight as possible thanks to smart gear combinations. We spent over a week building the set for the experiment: going to the hardware store to get the right wood for the base stand, figuring out how to put it together, sawing and sanding and fixing the screws. Suffice it to say we had to actually purchase a professional jigsaw! Many broken strings later, Simon managed to lift a load nearly equal to his little sister’s weight!! 🤯🦾

Inspired by Brick Experiment Channel’s video
Simon’s cheat sheet for the voice-over
the “green screens” to create a funny effect in the video’s intro
A different project: building a machine strong enough to twist Lego axles
inverted pendulum
Neva playing with a legomobile Simon built

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