Logic Gates. Simon has programmed his own Digital Logic Simulator.

Simon has been greatly inspired by Sebastian Lague’s new video on how computers work, it seems to have sparked a whole new wave of enthusiasm about logic gates and logic simulations. Simon has ended up recreating Sebastian Lague’s digital logic simulation, making his own digital circuits editor in p5.js: https://editor.p5js.org/simontiger/present/bqKM00Ejq Simon’s code: https://editor.p5js.org/simontiger/sketches/bqKM00Ejq

I decided to ditch the parsing idea and instead just adapt the code to what I already have. See the result in my Digital Logic Simulation Part 2 video:

I filmed Simon while he was coming up with solutions. He also used some advice from fellow programmers on Twitter:

XOR gate
Simon on the evening the debugged code worked for the first time (November 19)
Simon’s sketch of logic gates
Building logic gates with dominos: an AND gate
And it worked!

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