ProLang: Simon’s first jam submission

Amidst all the traveling in August, Simon was working on his first serious coding competition submission. Together with a friend from Australia, he was building a new programming language called ProLang.

The deadline for submissions was September 1, and Simon was responsible for writing the pitch, so the last few days leading up to the deadline were brutal. There was a huge lesson on project management to be learned, because very late into the project Simon suddenly discovered many important features didn’t work (like the else-if statements) and his more experienced 13-year-old partner didn’t have the time to invest into debugging. Simon struggled between trying to repair the broken features on his own, sometimes sitting down and working on it for hours, sometimes procrastinating or breaking down in the face of the approaching deadline. Even though he realizes he most probably won’t win this jam, alongside many adult competitors, he has already won much more than the grand prize on offer: he has scored his first real life experience delivering a product as a team.

Simon’s pitch:

Source Code:

Simon trying to solve the else-if feature

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