MathVizz, an equation visualization tool

In the short video below, Simon explains MathVizz, an equation visualization tool he has just made together with his friends Abhay and Sarvagya. Simon was responsible for the functionality and his friends for the design. The project is available at

None of the coding and math projects showcased in our blog have been initiated by parents or instructors. All of the projects have resulted from self-directed learning and exploring, with my role reduced to registering the process on video and providing the necessary hardware when needed.

Group projects are ideas the kids come up with, discuss and plan out together, learning to resolve conflicts along the way. This particular project incited quite an argument about how to ensure coding as a group continues to be fun as the guys seem to have chosen different specializations that cover various parts of the project and hardly intersect in implementation (Simon prefers working on the hardcore functionality of a game/tool in JS while two of his friends really enjoy playing with CSS). This sort of situations are real life lessons, very close to what they will face as grown-ups when working on larger projects as part of a team, so resolving these issues is probably nearly as valuable as learning to code.

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