Cubin’s in the Air

Simon has created digital simulation of one of Rubik’s easier puzzles, Rubik’s Clock. You can play it at

I’ve always noticed how Simon learns in a spiral, touching an area of interest and then seemingly abandoning it only to circle back at a higher level. This month, Rubik’s Cube algorithms are back big time. Most of the golden nuggets of knowledge come from JPerm.

Simon has already taught himself how to solve the 3×3 and the 4×4 using “the simple algorithms”. The new challenge is the so called CFOP (The Rubiks’ Cube Friedrich method), a quicker, trickier set of algorithms. It consists of the following steps: Cross (white cross at the bottom), F2L (solves the first two layers at the same time) , OLL (orient last layer – orients it so that the top is all the same color), PLL (permute last layer – puts all the pieces in the right place and doesn’t affect the orientation, therefore solving the cube).

He has also ordered a load of speed cubing gear at the Speed Cube Shop and aspires to become a legit speed cuber. Below are the cheat sheets he makes for himself on paper and then memorizes.

recreating a Rubik’s Cube from magnetic blocks

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