Cube Mission and Crash Test in Unity. PICO-8.

As someone said in the comments on Simon’s YouTube channel, “Damn, Simons got his big game dev pants on now jumping into Unity!! Have fun 😁”

Below are just a couple of Simon’s recent Unity exploration experiments. Unity projects are more labour intensive to share because it means screen recording/editing vids and/or uploading code to GitHub or hosting the actual projects somewhere, but Simon doesn’t want to host his games on until he comes up with his own games as opposed to clones he makes for training purposes. One of his heroes at the moment is Icoso, a young developer creating smashing Unity games hosted on itch. Simon watches Icoso’s premieres on YouTube and also really enjoys the sound design.

So I tried to make a clone of Cube Mission in Unity… (I tried using tilemap for the first time, that was a completely stupid idea and caused me to get a bug I haven’t been able to solve yet 😦 (I did use Adobe Illustrator though, kind of exciting))

Also check out this neat way to visualize 3000 objects, Object Crash Test, also made in Unity 2D:

As a side note, Simon and his friend Abhay have also had a blast playing with a retro game engine called PICO-8. You can download it at and create tiny games that feel like an old console but run on Windows/Mac/Linux. Simon has also recreated the PICO-8 sprite editor in p5.JS featuring a 128×128 16 color display.

Simon’s retro sprite editor, PICO-8 style
making a game in the actual PICO-8
Making a game in PICO-8 together with Abhay

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