Two more steps forward in Unity land

Simon has been spending most of his time practicing Unity with the wonderful set of game dev tutorials by Sebastian Lague. The short compilation below highlights three initial projects he made exploring Unity 2D and 3D:

And here are some dramatic effect experiments we both enjoyed trying Unity out as an animation tool (which it isn’t, but we got this far without any code):

Today, Simon finished a fun little 3D game he calls “The Visibility Game”. The goal is to get to the green square without getting spotted by a guard. If you get spotted for less than half a second, it’s fine. The guards are looping through a bunch of way points, turning to face the next way point and the next way point, and then repeat. “their move mechanics is nothing complicated”, Simon says.

The three of us playing Simon’s new game

Simon also invited Neva to watch the Unity tutorials together. As Neva really likes making quizzes, she created this quiz about C# based on what she learned. You can try the quiz yourself at

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