Simon’s first 4 kyu kata solved! And a high competitive programming rank!

Simon has solved his first 4 kyu kata (programming assignment at a master programmer level) on CodeWars:


In our dojo, kata are real code challenges focused on improving skill and technique. Some train programming fundamentals, while others focus on complex problem solving. Each kata is crafted for and by the community.

Kyu/Dan Ranks

Each kata on the site is set to a Kyu/Dan rank, based on its subject area and difficulty. The community collectively determines rank in the Beta Process. 

Solved more of this level problems a couple days later:

Simon has also discovered that his ranking on CodinGame, a competitive programming platform, is quite high!

Simon’s level and rank as a competitive programmer at the end of July 2020
Simon’s drawing of the learning paths on CodingGame
Screenshot of Simon’s learning paths on CodinGame
Simon recreating his learning paths in Microsoft Paint

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