Predictions and Plans

Late December is always a great time to dream about the future. How fast will the internet become? What will be the actual speed our future data will travel?

Below is our little conversation about Ray Kurzweil’s prediction that by 2040, a full-speed throughput of the Internet will be 500 million times bigger compared to the numbers we have today (or in 2016, when the prediction was made). We have a poster in Simon’s room, a three-meter-long infographic from a Russian science magazine from 6 years ago that I printed out and we were going through all its milestones the other day. If you’re interested in the other predictions on Ray Kurzweil’s list, check out this article (from 2018).

Simon and I have been having many deep conversations, but I’m not always comfortable grabbing the phone and sharing them. I am really happy every time I do it, because otherwise I can’t remember (and sometimes even grasp) all the complex calculations he talks about and feel sad about not having followed his reasoning. When I record him, I can always rewatch and catch what I didn’t catch the first time. On the other hand, I think now that Simon is growing up, he wishes to gradually take charge of all his socials and it’s no longer up to me.

As for Simon’s personal plans for the nearest future (which I have checked I’m allowed to share), he and Neva are currently learning C# and Unity and hope to publish their first Unity game next year.

Simon has also decided to fork his YouTube channel and create a separate channel for cubing vids. He will continue to share his math and coding projects on his main channel. And last but not least, he can’t wait to be able to start streaming on Twitch this summer!

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