Simon and Abhay’s Second App

Simon and Abhay have just produced their second mobile app, this time a game of Connect 4! Simon:

So I called with my friend Abhay and didn’t know what to do. Then I had this stupid idea that we would try and make a game in React Native. But we tried it anyways. And, guess what…we did it! (Oh btw Abhay sorry for interrupting you a few times in the vid 🥺)

In the video below, they both explain the code and the debugging. We also play the game in fast motion:

The game:

Run on mobile: download the “Expo Go” app at the AppStore of on GooglePlay, open the link on a computer and scan the QR code that appears

Run on the web: open the link and switch to the “Web” tab

a shot from the video
recording the video

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