Simon and Abhay have made a favorite game rise from the ashes

My friend Abhay Kashyap and I have recreated the game AddEmUp! It was a flash game, so you can’t play the original any more. Link:

After Adobe first deprecated and later blocked Flash (old software), many classic nerdy games became unavailable. Simon and Abhay devoted their latest couple of collab sessions together to help one of those classics from oblivion, a tricky arithmetic puzzle game called AddEmUp. Below are some screen shots of the workflow.

before starting to actually code the game, Simon sketched the main rules
the same day several hours later: the V’s mark the rules Simon and Abhay had finished during the first session
the game interface after the first session: no power moves buttons yet
the interface after the second session: power moves added
the “you lose” screen after trying the game out
the “you win” screen with the score calculation

Simon shared this team project on the community page Repl Talk:

screenshot from Repl Talk with Simon explaining the winning strategy

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