Gears Turning at the Speed of Light?

Simon’s latest obsession is assembling gears so that they speed up exponentially. He has been inspired by this creator from Finland called Brick Experiment Channel, especially this presentation visualizing Googol (showing how a gear train using 186 Lego gears can slow the last gear by over a Googol times). It’s mind blowing that a physical and relatively simple visualization of this giant number is even possible. Simon has been fantasizing that if one would power a similar gear train the other way around (powering the slowest gear), one would theoretically be able to speed the fastest gear to the speed of light. Realizing, of course, that the more plausible scenario would be the gear train breaking down 😃

Simon blew the dust off of his old LegoWeDo set to use its parts to build gear trains powered by programmable motors, but that’s way too few parts. So now he’s busy with scavenging the internet for more LEGO Technic parts like gears and motors and power units.

Simon showing how he can speed his third gear up 9 times
Here and below, the kids attempted to build a vortex, but discovered that water resistance was too strong as compared to their gear mechanism. They intend to repeat the experiment once they have more gears and motors.

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