Year two of the World Science Scholars program

Simon in his pyjamas, taking part in Professor Brian Greene’s live session

The new cohort of World Science Scholars (a World Science Festival program for young math talents from across the world) seems to be more active than last year’s group. Or maybe it’s just that more people are used to online education and live video interaction. Last year, there wasn’t much interaction between the kids and hardly anyone kept their video connection on during the whole session (that’s why Simon was wearing his pyjamas — we hadn’t expected him to be on video). Luckily, things seem to have changed in the new world: the students even stayed to hang around and chat to one another after class! Simon would really like a separate Discord server for all the scholars, then they could probably really talk without the limits of the official platform. We’re going to suggest this to the coordinators.

Below are the questions Simon had typed for Professor Greene in the chat but didn’t get a chance to discuss anymore as they had run out of time:

Making Benji’s question on Length Contraction a bit more specific, how fast would a meter-wide object need to go to length-contract to the size of an atom?

(Answer: 99.99999999999999999% the speed of light. I have used the formula for the Gamma factor.)

As you said previously, Quantum Teleportation is with Entanglement. Entanglement isn’t faster-than-light information transfer, because the results are random. But there is the information just THAT one particle has been measured, does that travel faster than light?

Fun Fact: the graph of 1/gamma for different speeds looks like a quadrant of a circle!

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