Simon’s 11 revolutions

Et voilà, while in France, Simon started on his 12th round on the Earth carousel, another revolution where he is not just a passenger but a revolutionary explorer. As many things this year, however, the day wasn’t completely a breeze: not a sneeze for months up until his birthday, Simon felt the symptoms exactly when we were meant to be celebrating so there was no going out that night and spending the next day, our wedding anniversary, at the covid19 test lab. Luckily, it was just an ordinary cold and we did manage to make up for this initial disappointment.

The pandemic still meant we kept the vacationing very low pitch. It also felt like we weren’t really on vacation, as I was in the most intense part of my final assignment for a motion design course I was taking and Simon was working on a new programming language together with an Australian peer as part of programming competition and creating a video for a math playlist, all of the above on really tight deadlines. In a way, it was only several days after we got back home that we felt like we could finally relax a bit.

we had a little swimming expedition: swimming from one beach to another
binary code with pebbles

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