Amsterdam Friends and Color Jump

After months is self-isolation, we spent the whole month of August away from home, first at our old home in Amsterdam, where we had some urgent personal matters to arrange, and later in Southern France, where we hardly saw anyone. The pandemic meant that we couldn’t allow ourselves the liberty of seeing many old friends while in Amsterdam, but we did get together with Simon’s best friend (also called Simon) and his parents. The heatwave was killing us and we sought rescue under the city fountains and at the Vondelpark, but in the evenings the kids could finally indulge in trying out their new chalks on the pavement in front of our old Amsterdam apartment. That pavement remembers Simon’s learning the Greek alphabet and the Katakana and scientific notation and volumes of solids. Back in the days, our whole street used to be covered in Simon’s passionate scribbles and schematics. This time around, Neva and Simon’s friend Simon joined in conjuring up the past, creating a couple of hopscotch patterns based on famous sequences and a color-coded hopscotch. A few days later, Simon turned the color-coded hopscotch into code that resulted in a pretty fun game!

Simon’s code:


Press left and right arrow keys to move, space to jump. Don’t jump on the red tiles, yellow coins give you points, blue tiles cost you points. The ticks…well…my sis insisted that I make them ticks even though they do nothing.

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