Simon made a discord bot

Last Tuesday, May 19, was somewhat a historic day as Simon created his first Discord bot (actually, two bots: one that does polls and count-downs and another programmable one that sends messages). In order to make the bots work, Simon first made a new server called a “bot playground”.

A screenshot of our desktop terminal where Simon ran the code using Node. “I ask the bot to put Beep boop. Boop beep? when it’s ready, just so I know when it’s ready.”
Simon wrote the actual bot code in JS, giving each bot an .env file “where I store all my secret stuff” and “a package.json file to keep track of all the dependencies like libraries”.
Simon’s bot doing the countdown and then saying Happy New Year! followed by Just kidding.

Simon and a friend also practiced in hacking each other:

And finally, he found himself in the centre of a great prank: everyone in his group of friends who wasn’t called Simon changed their names to something containing Simon and all the Simons in the group became Gregs:

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