A Guest from Space

The Moon through a telescope
Simon and Neva looking at Uranus

An unbelievable experience Friday night, as we were on an Antwerp rooftop prepping to observe Uranus and Orion nebula through a telescope, Simon and I (and one more person next to us) saw an extremely bright meteor, presumably a bolide!! It came swishing over our heads in the direction of The Netherlands (north) and its head looked like a large fireball (a little smaller than a full moon, but brighter), glaring yellow and red. Simon says it was the best star gazing trip ever! All of a sudden we were made aware of the constant bombardment that our fragile atmosphere protects us from. And how close space actually is. Here is Simon’s account, including a video that somebody else made with a car cam: 

and here a Belgian weather station Facebook account collecting witness reports.

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