The Theory of Everything: Simon’s thoughts on bringing quantum mechanics and general relativity to a common denominator

“Quantum mechanics says that space and time are different things, general relativity says they are the same thing. Quantum mechanics says it’s a 3D changing universe and the future doesn’t exist, general relativity says that it’s a 4D static universe and the future already exists. If we increase these three or four dimensions to an infinity then that would be a theory that describes everything.

If there is a theory that describes everything then that would be a theory that the universe is infinity-dimensional. There even exists an interpretation in quantum mechanics that produces uncountably many universes just to get out of collapsing a wave function”.

Commenting on the film Interstellar (Simon didn’t watch the movie as he dislikes fiction and is afraid of such stories, I told him briefly about what happens in it) and the idea to travel inside a black hole to find out what gravity is:

“Gravity is infinite inside the singularity of a black hole which means that if you’re already inside the singularity and are trying to escape, you instantaneously pop back into the singularity, faster than the speed of light! Which violates the theory of general relativity!”

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