Sudoku Player in p5.JS and Why JS is Weird

After writing our blog together earlier this week, stipulating how bad some folks are at finishing projects, Simon sat down and programmed a Sudoku player in just two hours! You can add your own sudoku puzzle and play! Link to Simon’s code:

Simon pointing to what the console log says if he solves the sudoku: “done lol”
Simon solving a sudoku puzzle with a timer the same night
finished solving the next morning

Last night, Simon has a lot of fun solving a JavaScript quiz on :”JS doesn’t always behave the way you might think. In this quiz, you’ll be shown 25 quirky expressions and will have to guess the output”.

“What is true minus zero?” Simon giggled with pleasure trying to logic through all this JavaScript legacy weirdness. “I think it’s just going to give me NaN! (…) !5 plus !5… I think it’s going to give me zero! False plus false… Zero plus zero is zero. Let’s see… Empty array plus empty array… Undefined plus false…” So many gems! Simon got 19 out of 25 correct.

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